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A prophetic arts podcast exploring the issues facing mankind and the things of God both passionately and honestly.

#82 Get Real! With Reflection of Glory (Christian Symphonic Metal)

July 9th, 2020


Christian symphonic metal bands and projects are a rare find. This is mostly in part due to the complexity of the genre. Reflection of Glory is a symphonic metal project that masterfully harnesses the genre to glorify Christ. Far from being an "alternative" to bands such as Nightwish, Kamelot, and Epica; Reflection of Glory has a unique sound and approach to the genre. In this edition find out from Barry Dreir how what started as a hobby has blossomed into what is now known as Reflection of Glory.

#81 Sand Storms - Camel Dung & Pruning

June 29th, 2020


June 2020 has brought social unrest and a large Saharan Sand Storm on top of the already existing COVID-19 and murder hornets. What is the meaning of all of this? Without question, God is shaking everything, including His people. This shaking is necessary so that there can be a harvest of souls. Find out how painful shakings are necessary to make right that which is wrong not only from Dan and Glenn's perspective but also from the perspective of worship leader and recording artist, Aaron Vaughn Graham in Ireland.

#80 Get Real! With Cynthia Kay (Spiritual Gifts and Calling)

June 18th, 2020


You may not have yet realized it yet...God (The Creator of heaven and earth and the Sovereign Ruler of all)created YOU for a purpose and has given you special gifts to fulfill that purpose. Find out from special guest, Cynthia Kay, how she came to realize her calling and spiritual gifts even after having spent several years of frustration in an oppressive religious system. You will even get to listen to her track "Teach Me To Know You." No matter what you have done and no matter what you have been through, God created YOU for a purpose.

#79 A New Level of Warfare - Filthy Rags & Extreme Tour 2020

June 11th, 2020


As of June 2020, the world has entered an even higher level of chaos that is hard to make sense of. Though the dark clouds of chaos loom over us and there is unrest, it is not time for those who have been saved by the Blood of Jesus to cower in fear. Rather, NOW is the time to leave our comfort zones and share the love of Christ through the Gospel with a world that is deeply hurting and crying out. Find out more about what God is now calling His people to do and how Harry and Mel Becker from the band, Filthy Rags, are pressing forward in the "fog of war" to bring the Extreme Tour to communities so that others may have the chance to be set free by the love of Christ.

#78 The LasTrumpeT

June 4th, 2020


The LasTrumpeT is an apocalyptic band for apocalyptic times. Find out how they use the intense sound of rock music as a weapon of spiritual warfare to liberate captives and bring sight to the blind. The LasTrumpeT is a balanced yet intense blend of rock and a deep faith in Jesus Christ. Featured in this edition are their tracks, "Drowning" and "Let The Wind Blow."

Dramatic Music..."Way To Dream" by Keys of Moon Music

#77 God’s Sky Clock - 2020 Vision & Economic Shaking

May 28th, 2020
The Western Church only teaches a fraction of Scripture leaving out the mysteries that make many uncomfortable. Though shepherds may believe that they are protecting their sheep by doing this, they are actually leaving room for confusion, dismay, and disappointment. 2020 is a big year and the stars in the heavens actually confirm this. Find out how 2020 was intended to be the year of God's shaking so that things can be seen for what they really are and so that there will be a change in the economy so that His precious Bride (The Church) can rise from obscurity in beauty to draw others to her.
Opening Music:
Song: Guardians
Artist: Evan King
Video link:

#76 Hope For The Hurting

May 21st, 2020


The world is harsh and life is rough. However, there is hope for those who have been betrayed and abused by people and hurt deeply by circumstances. This edition is the story of Don Walker who by the mercy and grace of God has been able to rise above his deep wounds to be able to selflessly care for others. Many will be able to relate to Donnie's story which clearly shows that God had been working in his life to bring him to a place of healing through the Blood of Christ. You will be able to find out from Donnie how God has used gothic art and counter-culture music through the healing process. If you are feeling downcast, outcast, hurt or abused, this edition is for you because there is hope.
Intro Music:
"Dark Dust Dispatcher"
By: Anttu Janhunen
Licensed Under Creative Commons

#75 Get Revelation Rockfest 2020 Update & So Much More!

May 14th, 2020

Despite the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic, Get-Revelation! Rockfest 2020 featuring Disciple, Filthy Rags, and Soul Creed is still going to occur on September 26th in Charleston, South Carolina. Find out how God has been faithful to continue to provide for this event and how this event ties into the current Divine "shakings" occurring throughout the world. Much more than a concert update, this is a must-listen for anyone struggling with faith during these trying times.
Intro Music:
"Game Over"
Jacob Lizotte
Dark Cabin Studios

#74 A Higher Place (Revelation Attic Interview)

May 6th, 2020


Revelation Attic is more than symphonic metal. It is a place above where you can go to find out more about yourself and more about God. Intense guitar riffs, intricate vocals, and pensive lyrics supported by a foundation of masterful bass guitar work create an atmosphere that challenges the listener to think beyond what is visible to the human eye. Find out about Revelation Attic in this interview and experience their tracks "Upside Down" and "Where Are You My King?"

#73 The World is Whack!

April 19th, 2020


A world-wide pandemic, epic locust swarms in the Middle East, and convincing UFO sightings all at once! What is going on? Is this the end? This edition covers topics that many pastors and religious leaders purposely ignore because they do not fit into the spiritual "box." Could it be that all of this is a purposeful shaking of what we thought we believed so that true faith can arise? Listen to find out.
Intro Music: "Run Like Hell" by Nine Inch Nails from "Ghosts VI: Locusts" released on March 26th 2020. Download the album for free at