#59 Metal Church

• January 13th, 2020

What is a shigionoth? What is the "Phaenomena?" What do either of these things have to do with heavy metal and the ministry of East Coast Metal Church in Merritt Island, FL? A journey to this outreach and an interview with Pastor Kevin Radlein will help answer these questions and unlock some mysteries in Scripture concerning music and reaching out to a community that has often been condemned and criticized by the Church.
Intro Music: "Warrior of Light"
By Armor of God

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#58 Soul - AbbyLindo Interview

• January 7th, 2020

Add some soul to your day by finding out about the music of AbbyLindo. Abby is a Jamaican-born American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her music mixes various styles and doesn't subscribe to a specific genre. Find out how she overcame her apprehension to start performing for wider audiences and how her faith in Christ helps her balance a ministry through music and pursuit of a PhD in Ethnomusicology while working. You will also get to check out her track "Dead of Night."

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#57 Ravens! Records! Reality!

• December 16th, 2019

This is a must listen for musicians and bands of all genres who seek to glorify God through their art! In this edition find out how Kelly Turney and his independent record label, Raven Faith Records, support musicians who desire to have their work and the Message of the Gospel reach a broader audience. Also, join in on an intriguing discussion about how during the Renaissance, the church was the epicenter of the arts and since the decline of the church being a wellspring of creativity, we are now actually living in the "post-modern" age.
Intro Music: "Punk Rock" by AstrogentA Music

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#56 Joker…Life Often Makes No Cents

• December 10th, 2019

Was the new "Joker" starring Joaquin Phoenix entertainment or social commentary artistically displayed on the silver screen? What can we learn from this movie about ourselves and the world in which we live? Why is it that what was shown on screen resonated with so many people? These questions and more are addressed in this edition of the Get Real! Podcast.

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#55 Gatling Gun of Truth…Interview With Psalm Muzik

• December 3rd, 2019

God is sovereign and uses whom and what He desires to reach a lost world with the good news of the Gospel. Find out how "Psalm" uses Hip Hop to reach many that the church has been unable to reach. Psalm is an artist who was making his way to fame in the world of Hip Hop...only to find misery and emptiness. Jesus saved him and now he is not seeking fame but seeking souls. Find out about the journey that God has taken him on and listen to his track "Poisoned" from his album "Covenant." Dan, Glenn, and Psalm also discuss the current impact that Kanye West is having on the Hip Hop Culture.
Beat Box: "Ski Mask The Slump God Type Beat" produced by Ersky

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Thank You! Get Revelation! Rockfest 20/20 November Update

• November 26th, 2019

Disciple is headlining Get-Revelation! Rockfest 20/20 in Charleston, SC on June 6th, 2020 along with Soul Creed and Filthy Rags! Join Glenn from the Get Real! Podcast and Stacy from the Revelation Resistance Podcast for a special thank you to event supporters and update on the things that God has been doing to make this outreach event a possibility.

Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.facebook.com/events/452678118936848/

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#54 Leah “Ancient Winter” Review

• November 15th, 2019

Today marks the release of Leah's latest album, "Ancient Winter." Selected to be a part of Leah's Launch Team for this album, Dan and Glenn got to take a listen to it in its entirety before the official release date. Find out what they think about this latest album from the "Metal Enya."

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#53 The Abundant Life…Not What You Think It Is

• November 12th, 2019

Does Scripture contradict itself where in John 10 Jesus says that He came so that we might have life and "have it more abundantly" and 1 Timothy 6:6 where Paul wrote, "But Godliness with contentment is great gain?" This edition explores what appears to be a contradiction in Scripture while examining the teachings of some of today's wealthiest "Prosperity Preachers."
Intro Music:
Title: Garage
Artist: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
Music from YouTube Audio Library [Aka YAL]
Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/CCPXfflu0qo

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#52 Prosperity Wizards_Warlocks & Witches

• November 4th, 2019

Not all things labeled "Christian" are truly Christian. This is especially the case with the Word of Faith movement which preaches the "Prosperity Gospel." Find out from special guest, Stacey Collier, how this stream of Christianity is a selfish, loose interpretation of Scripture that can be likened to wizardry and witchcraft.
Intro Prosperity Mash-Up
"Nuclear Ghost Peppers"
Royalty Free Music

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#51 Raven’s Flight_Amorphis_Anneke_Delain_Soment_Armor of God

• October 29th, 2019

The ultimate ROCKTOBER Edition! Despite Tropical Storm Nestor, the Raven took flight to see Amorphis, Anneke, and Delain at the Orpehum Theater in Tampa, Florida. Find out who those at the show were excited about seeing. You will also get to hear interviews with Joey Pike, founder of the band Amaris, and Karla Danielle and Orlando from the band Armor of God who were at the show! Lots of bands and lots of music, and lots of deep insights!

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