#41 Narcissists Lurking to Devour

• August 20th, 2019

Beware! There are narcissists all around seeking to seduce you with flattering words, affirmations, or even the promise of true love. However, they only seek to seduce you to control and devour you to fulfill their own personal lusts. This edition explores what a narcissist is, its connection to witchcraft, how to identify a narcissist, and how to escape.  Listen to the story of "J" who got entangled in the web of a narcissist at both home and church!  This is an essential listen for anyone who thinks they might be under the influence of a narcissist.
Music Provided By: Mediacharger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XGgwJvmmBY
Music By: Jeff Sabar - goo.gl/FI7PCR
Title: Shadows Of Doubt
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/b...

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#40 God Laughs

• August 13th, 2019

Yes, God Laughs and so should we. We all need laughter to deal with the harshness of living in a messed up world. Laughter is a gift from God. Dan and Glenn once again take a sledge hammer to stoic religiosity with their friend from "Down Under" in Australia, Stacey Collier. Stacey is a gifted artist who has ventured into the realm of comedic prophetic expression through comic strips. Find out about the new Get Real! Podcast Comic Strip! It is Awesome and can be found at lithoscry.com/comic-strip.

Intro Music: "Crumbling Castle" by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (From Australia of Course) from their album "Polygondwanaland" Creative Commons License Link is at: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

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#39 Dancing With Nedy

• August 6th, 2019

Challenging the belief that Christians shouldn't dance, Dan and Glenn talk to Nedy who uses her God-given talents of musical ability and dance to demonstrate God's grace to a dark and messed up world. This edition is a must-listen for any artist who is desiring to release the creative spark within. Nedy shares how she took a giant step of faith to pursue her passion and talks about the obstacles she has encountered that have NOT held her back from who God made her to be. You will also get to hear two of her songs: "Humble Yourself." 

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#38 - DMT - Reptile Aliens & Sturgill Simpson???

• July 23rd, 2019

A discussion of what most pastors would consider to be taboo or too much for their congregations to handle. There are "portals" or "doors" to the spiritual realm that allow for interaction with other beings. Is this why Jesus had to emphasize that He IS the Door? Dan and Glenn explore these portals as they break down the Sturgill SImpson song "Turtles All The Way Down."

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#37 L.A.P.D. The Roots of KoRn - Richard Morrill Interview

• July 16th, 2019

At the forefront of a change in rock music which occurred in the early 90's was a band from Bakersfield, CA known as L.A.P.D. This band eventually evolved into the legendary band known today as Korn. In this interview, Richard Morrill, former lead singer for L.A.P.D., shares the history of both bands, their influences and what the music scene was like in California during the 90's. Listen to find out what James "Munky" Shaffer did to get his first seven string guitar...



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#36 The Color of God

• July 11th, 2019

Unfortunately, Western Civilization has often portrayed God as an angry "White Guy" causing people misery from the sky. However, this is not who God really is. Dr. Joe Molina, author of "Musings From The Heights: An Anthology of Reflections on the Christian Life for Seekers, Pilgrims, and Overcomers," discuss the existence of God, His plurality, His color, and His influence in the arts. Dan and Glenn talk about experiencing God at a Nightwish Concert and Joes shares his thoughts concerning the Devin Townsend song, "Grace."  Check us out at lithoscry.com.

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#35 Why Bother…What the Heck is this All About?

• July 9th, 2019

All of us have pasts, collectively and individually, that we are ashamed of. However, the answer to dealing with our sordid pasts is not the post-modern mantra of re-writing history and making truth a relative variable. Dan and Glenn talk with Dr. Joe Molina about these issues and topics found in his new book, "Musings From the Heights: An Anthology of Reflections on The Christian Life for Seekers, Pilgrims, and Overcomers." Joe has served as a Chaplain in the United States Navy and is currently the Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

Intro music for this edition is "Pod Prad" or "Upstream" by In Nomine Dei (I.N.D.)

Check us out at lithoscry.com

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#34 Censorship and Punk Rock?!?!

• June 30th, 2019

Censorship and Punk Rock?!?!..."That's like peanut butter and mushrooms." They just don't mix. Punk Rock has always been recognized as a genre that just cuts to the chase and calls things for what they are .."the good...the bad...and the ugly." However, British Punk Rocker, Peter 118, got kicked out of a UK Pop Punk Facebook group for expressing his belief that it is wrong to kill unborn children. Are we living in a world where nothing goes uncensored?

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#33 Extreme Tour 2019 Update

• June 25th, 2019

Catch up with the 2019 Extreme Tour in North Charleston, SC. Amazing music artists of all genres give of themselves to help spread the love of Christ to those who are often overlooked. Find out about artists: Abby Lindo, Psalm, Nedy, Slaves to Change, and Filthy Rags. Listen to Mel Becker of Filthy Rags perform "16" live during a worship service.

"Sunshine" by Vodovoz Music Productions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrrkqjQwIB8&list=PLq4r2IOXma9DHuSL_wl0FAfc1TeAjTLdV

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#32 80’s Music - Winter’s Resurrection Part 2

• June 18th, 2019

Escape the groupthink of today's "We Generation" and plunge into the individuality that characterized the "Me Generation" the 80's! Hosts Dan and Glenn reflect on the eclectic music scene of the 1980's with members of the band Winter's Resurrection. You will also get a taste of their track "Black Widow Lover." Find out how "We" and "Me" affects the prophetic arts.  Check us out at lithoscry.com!



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