#31 Reflections of the 80’s - Winter’s Resurrection Part 1

• June 10th, 2019

Hop in the Get Real! Time Machine a turn the dial to the 1980's. As Dan and Glenn interview members of Winter's Resurrection and discuss their prophetic and apocalyptic track, "Crossfire," they reminisce about the 1980s in the context of the "Pendulum Theory" and talk about how the year 1984 was the "year of destruction."

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#30A Throwback Thursday! The Divine Metal Theorem - Kill Devil Theory Interview

• June 6th, 2019

Throwback Thursday Edition! Originally released in August of 2018 on limited platforms, Dan and Glenn debunk the myth that heavy metal and Christian worship are incompatible. Joining them in an interview are Curtis and Deanna Crane of the band Kill Devil Theory discuss how they use "heavier" music to glorify God. You will have the opportunity to hear their track "Neuron."

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#30 An Interesting Thing Happened at the House of Dan

• May 28th, 2019

Just before making his way to the Get Real! Studio (a.k.a. The Fishbowl)Dan had an interesting encounter at his house which raises the questions: Is it really "good news" to hear that you can work your way to Heaven? Does wearing a tie and riding a bicycle earn you extra favor in the eyes of God? Is there an exclusive sect of Christianity that has the purest truth? Hmmmm. you will have to listen to find out the answers to these questions and find out the details of the encounter! Opening jam is "So We Can Rise" by Christian Metalcore Band, Brotherhood (MD) from their EP "Heroes."

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#29 The Living Dead Girl - From Goth to Glory

• May 21st, 2019

It is not unusual for God to take someone out of a place of darkness and then send them back to that same place to be a light in that darkness. This is exactly what happened to The Living Dead Girl who went from Goth to Glory. Having left a world of witchcraft and communion with the powers of darkness, Danielle is now in the process of writing a gothic romance novel entitled "The Living Dead Girl" which glorifies Christ as the perfect Bridegroom. Listen to her testimony of deliverance and how God is using her gift of writing. You will get to hear an excerpt of her writing narrated by Kate VanMiddlesworth set to the music of Trey Van Zandt

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#28 Logos-Unknown God-Eluveitie

• May 16th, 2019

Pursuit of truth, even through mythologies, will lead to Logos (logic, reason, Christ, eternal life) so that man is without excuse. Hear how the Apostle Paul used reason when he spoke on Mars Hill and how the new album "Ategnatos" by Celtic folk-metal band Eluveitie can be considered a lyrical journey towards Logos. Music, "Northern Steel," by Antti Martikainen.



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#27 Logos-Raven-Dove-Eluveitie

• May 13th, 2019

Is there a connection between the new Eluveitie album, "Ategnatos," the prophetic imagery of the raven and the dove, and Logos? Find out how the raven and the dove fit into the fulfillment of prophecy and how beautifully the Celtic folk metal band Eluveitie captures this concept in their most recent album release which can be considered a pursuit of Logos. Music, "Lords of Iron," by Antti Martikainen.

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#26 Logos and Precious Moments

• May 6th, 2019

The world is messy, life is messy, and even miracles are messy. Not much of what we experience in this existence equates to a nice tidy package that is fully comprehensible. Unfortunately, true faith in Christ has nothing to do with cute smiley angels or anything that makes sense to our human eye. However, if we earnestly seek truth or "logos" God will reveal it to us.

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#25 The Logic of God - Logos Part 1

• April 26th, 2019

Taking an uninhibited dive into the deep-end of the pool, hosts Dan and Glenn explore the topic of "Logos" which means logic or reason. There is a "Divine Logic" which actually makes sense and contradicts many "silly" teachings of modern, Western, Christianity. Ethics and emotion have often been elevated above "Logos" and have weakened the modern church. Also discussed is the legislation of "Logos" by governments. Is this really God's plan?

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#24 God Uses Punk! Peter 118 Interview

• April 16th, 2019

"Punk is the most loving punch in the face you will ever have!" God is using punk music to get people's attention. Find out how God is using Peter 118 from Great Britain to minister the Gospel through punk music and check out their latest track "Waiting." Dan, Glenn, and Peter also discuss the condition of the church in Britain and the United States.

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Filthy Rags Band Interview Part 2- Faith and Obedience

• April 9th, 2019

Part 2 of a mind-blowing interview with Harry and Mel Becker from Filthy Rags with a testimony of salvation during the Extreme Tour and prophetic words of encouragement.. You will also be encouraged in how to hear and obey the voice of the Lord and check out the track “Decrease.” This edition is proof that God is real, alive, and all-powerful.

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